NOx control for inland navigation

NOx control for Inland Navigation

Inland shipInland navigation on rivers and canals is a very important means of freight transport. The maritime freight industry is working to have barges and tankers that are more and more environmentally friendly, which includes the reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions coming out of the exhaust.

Yara is a key player in the market for the reduction of NOx emissions by providing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for inland navigation. This technology requires a reagent, based on urea that transforms polluting nitrogen moNOxide and nitrogen dioxide into harmless nitrogen and water. Yara helps the inland navigation industry meet the requirements as required by each country in the reduction of NOx emissions, linked to EU legislation.

We offer:

  • SCR systems: design and installation
  • The urea based reagent delivered to where it's needed
  • Maintenance and Services packages

We have installed SCR systems on many ships and barges in Europe and the US, for questions on SCR systems, please contact our inland waterways expert.

Urea solution used in NOx control SCR systems

Our urea based reagent, NOxCare40 is available in bunkering stations along canals and rivers, where barges and ships refuel in diesel or fuel oil. The marine SCR system uses a reagent that is a 40% urea solution. This solution is very different from AdBlue (which is used in land vehicles), as barges and ships for inland navigation do not require a solution that is as pure as tractors, trucks or buses do. To guarantee the optimal performance of your SCR system on a barge or a ship, make sure you choose the right quality of urea solution.