Speciality Chemicals

With over 100 years of expertise in nitrogen chemistry and nitrate production, Yara has developed a wide range of speciality nitrates products tailored to the needs of its clients in concrete production, oil exploration and drilling, solar energy and electronic/medical gases.

Our research centres are constantly innovating and discovering new applications of nitrogen chemicals and nitrates. Our research aims to identify and develop solutions to help you optimize your business and industrial competitiveness. Yara’s nitrates specialities sold across the globe are:

Concrete Admixture set accelerator for Concrete manufacturing image

Multifunctional additive for concrete

Our multifunctional additive is an accelerator for concrete admixtures. It allows concreting even in severe cold conditions. It is anticorrosive and optimizes use of water and cement when combined with plasticizers and increases performance even more when used with superplasticisers. It is marketed under the brand NitCal.

Ammonium Nitrate for Electronic gases image

Ammonium nitrate for electronic gases

Solid ammonium nitrate in its purest form (99.99% pure) and without anti-caking agent. Ammonium Nitrate so pure that it is ideally suited to rigorous specifications for the electronics industry.